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Process For Scanning Out Of State FD-258 Ink Hard Cards

Important Note:
FBI regulations prohibit us from accepting hard cards captured outside the United States and its territories. Hard cards mailed from outside the United States or its territories, or captured by foreign law enforcement agencies, will not be processed. Suppose we cannot process your hard cards. In that case, Docuprintmobile Fingerprinting & Notary Services will destroy them per FBI guidelines for your protection unless the customer provides a self-address envelope with prepaid postage that must have the same returning address as the customer to whom the FD-258 hard cards were initially mailed. We will not return any hard cards with an address outside the United States.



Step 1: Find A Law Enforcement Location

  • We can only accept hard cards captured by US Law Enforcement. Locate the nearby Law Enforcement Agency to capture your fingerprints. 

  • A hard card is an FD-258 fingerprint card used by law enforcement to capture non-criminal fingerprints.

  • Take two pieces of valid, acceptable documents with you to the law enforcement agency. 

  • Requirements: At least one ID document should be from the FBI preliminary list.

                              At least one ID document should have your current address within the United States.​

  • Print the Declaration of Official Taking Fingerprint Form 

  • Click on the link, download and print the form and take it to the law enforcement agency. They must fill out this form to confirm that your fingerprints were captured according to FBI guidelines and standards.

  • Docuprintmobile Fingerprinting & Notary Services cannot process your hard ink cards unless we receive the completed and signed declaration form from the law enforcement official that captured your fingerprints.


Step 2:Complete The Member Login Onlne Registration

  • Start by creating an account and registering online here. Look under the more tab for the member signup page.

  • Contact Docuprintmobile Fingerprinting & Notary Services at 407-433-1889 or email us at to let us know that you will provide hard cards to be scanned into the FDLE database.


Step 3: Send Your Prints To Docuprintmobile Fingerprinting & Notary Services​​

Mail your two completed FD-258 ink hard cards and the completed "Declaration Of Official Taking Fingerprint Forms" to:

Docuprintmobile Fingerprinting& Notary Services

Attn: FBI Channeling

7726 Winegard Rd

2nd. Floor, Suite B-2823

Orlando, Florida 32809

*Please use a postal method that provides tracking ( i.e., UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority); Docuprintmobile Fingerprint & Notary Services is not responsible for lost hard ink cards without proof of delivery. If we cannot process your hard ink cards, they will be destroyed according to FBI guidelines and standards for your protection. If you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope with the same address from which you mailed the hard ink cards, the hard ink cards will be returned to you. We will not return hard ink cards to any addresses outside the United States and its territories.

Step 4: Download Your FBI Report

Once you receive an email notification from Docuprintmobile stating that your FBI report is ready, (log in) to the account that you created during registration to download your report.


Step 5: Payment must be paid in full at the time of making an appointment. If any assistance is needed, please call 407-433-1889 for help.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Per FBI guidelines and regulations,  customer's FBI report can only be downloaded within the United States and its territories. Do not download your FBI report if you are not in the United States or its regions.

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